NXP’s NTAG21x Chip Family

NXP is a semiconductor company that makes a wide range of chips used in NFC tags and products. Back in October 2012, NXP announced the 2nd generation of its NFC chip products known as the NTAG21x family. This follows the highly successful first generation chip which is the NTAG203 family.

The products in this family are NTAG210, NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216 with memory sizes of 48, 144, 504 and 888  bytes respectively.

Taken from NXP’s press release, the family also brings many new features:

  • 32-bit password authentication, which offers a simple protection mechanism for data stored into the tag
  • UID ASCII mirror, which automatically maps the IC unique serial number to a stored NDEF message, thus greatly simplifying tag serialization e.g. in smart poster applications
  • 24-bit NFC counter and NFC counter ASCII mirror, which measures the number of interactions occurred between NFC devices and the tag, and appends it to a stored NDEF message, e.g. to improve usage analytics in smart advertisement or location based services
  • Integrated originality signature, which enables the detection of unauthorized NTAG copies, thus providing a simple but powerful product authentication method
  • A new Fast Read command, which speeds up tag registration in inline processes such as print media or product label manufacturing
  • A special variant of the NTAG216, called NTAG216F, which additionally offers a configurable Field Detection pin and a Sleep mode, features particularly required in electronics pairing applications.


So far, we haven’t seen applications that take advantage of these new features but we think they will appear slowly when more and more products with this chip available in the market.

The most important thing, all chips in this family are NFC Forum Tag 2 type compliant which means they can be used with all NFC devices.

From our point of view, we see that NTAG216 with 888 bytes of memory is able to close the gap in the market. The storage size is large enough to store many data type including contact information. Previously Mifare 1K is a favourite chip to store contact information but it is not compatible with some of the NFC devices. We already have stickers with NTAG216 in stock and will slowly expand our offerings to other products such as cards, wristbands etc.

NTAG213 is seen as a direct replacement for NTAG203 because the similar memory size. We will carry this as well. Nevertheless, NTAG203 will remain as a product that we will regularly stock as it is a proven and well tested chip in the market.

Cheaper shipping options now available

We are constantly looking for more economical ways to ship. Pos Malaysia has recently introduced FlexiPack boxes and we will use this under the new Economy shipping for Malaysia. This shipping method is trackable, slightly cheaper than Pos Laju but slightly slower and does not require signature (no proof of delivery). Shipping time is expected to be around 2 to 7 days. It is an alternative if you do not need things urgently and want to save a little bit on shipping.

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Environmental aspects in packaging

We get many shipments from suppliers and manufacturers to our doorstep. Those shipments come with packing materials such as boxes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, anti-static bags and others. Instead of discarding those materials, we keep the one with good condition in one corner.

Rather than buying new packing materials, we try whenever possible to reuse them for our shipments out to customers. Admittedly, it is cumbersome to sort them out and it’s beginning to take up some space. However we think that the extra effort is worthwhile considering the environmental impacts of discarding those materials. It is also economical and we get to keep our handling price low. Of course, we do all this without compromising protection for products that we ship.

So the next time you get a shipment from us, pardon the inconsistencies in the packaging.  We hope with our little contribution, it could make the world a better place and we encourage you to do the same.

Ubitap Merdeka 2013 NFC Tags Giveway

To celebrate the auspicious Malaysia’s 56th Merdeka Day, we are giving away our TAPHere NFC tags! 10 lucky winners will be picked. Each will receive 3 pieces of our TAPHere NFC tag worth RM19.50.


About Ubitap TAPHere NFC tag

taphereUbitap TAPHere NFC tag is a 40mm round printed NFC sticker with NTAG203 chip. The unique design bearing a clear call to action “TAP HERE” to indicate that this sticker is NFC enabled. Great for those who want to quickly incorporate NFC into their marketing campaign.

Stick it to your everyday item for personal use or use it as a “Tap Point” on your smart posters.

With an appropriate app, you can also use this NFC tag to automate tasks on your smartphone.

This NFC sticker can be encoded multiple number of time or can be permanently locked for placement in public space.

With NTAG203 chip, this sticker is compatible with all NFC-enabled devices, current and future.


How to enter this giveaway

This giveaway is open to residents of Malaysia only. No purchase is necessary. To be in the running, just perform one or more of the following tasks using the widget below:

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Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 56!


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