New! Revamped Beginner Starter Kit

The Beginner Starter Kit has always been our best seller product. Understandably so, this kit has just the right item for one to get started with NFC. It is also great value for money.

As we keep adding more product in our store, we feel that it is high time to revamp the Beginner Starter Kit to include  more diverse type of NFC tags. Hence effective today, the new Beginner Starter Kit includes:

  • 2x NTAG203 TAP HERE Printed NFC Sticker
  • 2x NTAG203 White, Rectangle 18x36mm NFC Sticker
  • 2x NTAG203 On-Metal, White, Rectangle 25x40mm NFC Sticker
  • 2x NTAG203 Clear, Round 25mm NFC Sticker
  • 2x NTAG203 Round 25mm token with mounting hole
  • 2x Mifare 1K Key Chain, Blue OR 2x NTAG203 Key Chain, Black

The new Beginner Starter Kit has more product types while maintaining the same price as the old one. The price translate to more than 25% savings compared to buying individual item in our store.