Environmental aspects in packaging

We get many shipments from suppliers and manufacturers to our doorstep. Those shipments come with packing materials such as boxes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, anti-static bags and others. Instead of discarding those materials, we keep the one with good condition in one corner.

Rather than buying new packing materials, we try whenever possible to reuse them for our shipments out to customers. Admittedly, it is cumbersome to sort them out and it’s beginning to take up some space. However we think that the extra effort is worthwhile considering the environmental impacts of discarding those materials. It is also economical and we get to keep our handling price low. Of course, we do all this without compromising protection for products that we ship.

So the next time you get a shipment from us, pardon the inconsistencies in the packaging.  We hope with our little contribution, it could make the world a better place and we encourage you to do the same.