Ubitap turns 1 today!

Today we celebrate our one year birthday! One year ago when we started, only a handful mobile phones came with NFC and nobody around us knew what it is all about at that time. We were intrigued by the simplicity of NFC and what it has to offer. Our intention was simple, we wanted to promote this wonderful technology, making it mainstream and have fun along the way.

In our first year, we have shipped NFC products to almost all states in Malaysia plus the neighbouring countries, Thailand and Singapore.


Within this short period of time, we have served university students with their final year projects, curious hobbyist, educators who are keen to explore, businesses who want to get ahead of the curve and everyday people who want to have NFC as a part of their daily life.

Looking forward, we see exciting times ahead. With more and more mobile devices shipped with NFC, we can’t wait to bring in more products and services. Thank you for supporting us!

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